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My WordPress site is slow. How can I speed it up?

As your website grows and becomes bigger, it’s natural that in some time it gets slower and takes longer to load. In this case, you need to optimize your website, but how?

That’s a good question, optimization means you need to make your server allocate less resource to provide the data to your visitors. This can be achieved by reducing your image size, make your website more lightweight, compress your website files, use cache in addition to many other factors.To know what exactly needs to be optimized it’s recommended to use GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights, you can learn more about it in this optimization article

How to optimize my WordPress website?

The most effective way to optimize your WordPress would be to reduce the size of the images keeping the same quality and fewer data will be downloaded by your visitors and by using a cache plugin you are sure that during the second time your visitors access your website, fewer scripts and images will be downloaded, increasing the full website display speed.. Also you can reduce how your website reads your JavaScript by fixing the defer parsing of JavaScript and also by displaying your content in a CDN (Content delivery network), Cloudflare is the most famous and it’s free to use, displaying a copy of your content among many servers around the world and making your website to be accessed faster.

My WordPress was hacked, how to reset my admin password?

If you are unable to reset the password by requesting a reset link to be sent to your email, you can reset WordPress password directly in the database.Here is a tutorial on how to reset your password, it is located Here.

HTTPS does not work for my WordPress website!!

So You’ve installed recently installed an SSL certificate but your WordPress website is still not loading through HTTPS? Or maybe it loads and your website seems all “messed up” and “broken”? This means, that your WordPress site requires additional settings first. Access your WordPress website’s Admin Area and search for the Settings menu on your Dashboard and click on it.

Your General settings will open up. Notice the URL settings of your WordPress site (WordPress Address and Site Address settings). By default, your URL settings will use HTTP (the very begging of your website’s address will contain http:// instead of https://). Change your URL settings to use HTTPS (by changing the begging of the link to https://) for BOTH links and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT! Do not add these changes if your website does not have an active SSL certificate as your website and Admin Area could become inaccessible.

  • You can also make your website force HTTPS with the help of the .htaccess file.

  • As an alternative, you can make this changes with the help of a Plugin such as Easy HTTPS Redirection (this plugin will also re-direct your website to HTTPS by default)

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